Canoes for Sale



 #152989 - 18          1951 Old Town 18 OTCA Long Decks 

This canoe has been repaired in the past with at least 6 replaced ribs, some replaced planking, replaced gunwales and replaced seats. 


As you can see from the photos, the center thwart has been broken out damaging both inwales. Necessary repairs will include inwale tips, deck tips, and new gunwales. 

This would be a good project canoe. 

Price: $500 or best offer



#157207 - 18          1954 Old Town 18" HW

This canoe has broken, original seats. It will need 6 or more rib repairs, some planking replacement, attention to inwale and deck tips and replacement of about a foot of the stern stem.


This canoe is almost fully original and therefore can be a fine canoe when restored.

Price: $500 



#161495-18          1955 18' Old Town OTCA - Short Decks

This canoe is mostly original. It has 8 to 10 cracked ribs and will need planking and tip repairs. It does have an inwale repair at the center thwart.


This one needs more work that the one above but will provide many years of service once it is restored.

Price: $500.



162744-18          1955 18' Old Town OTCA - Short Decks


The interior of this canoe is mostly stripped. It needs minor tip work but has a lot of necessary rib work and some needed planking.


The seats are not original.

Price: $500 or best offer